Monday, April 28, 2014

Just a little too sensitive...

Well that explains a lot.
There’s a solar eclipse happening today.
Any more party tricks you’d like to break out, Universe?

I swear we’ve had something in retrograde consistently for the past 6 months. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m good and ready for that to be over. 

For most people, these Astrological happenings can almost go unnoticed. For sensitive people, we don’t even need to be told that something is going on with the planets to know that something is probably damn-well going on with the planets. 
If it isn't the planets, it’s the sun- and when it isn't the sun, it’s the moon- all of which affect people with or without their understanding…Oh! And the energetic effects on others are something I also pick up on. 

Living in my body is like housing a Gong Show. 

On most days, I’m sensitive. On days like today, I’m overly-sensitive and just about as cuddly as a wounded animal with gnarly teeth.   

Took me a solid 32 years to understand just to what extent I feel energy around me and I bet I haven’t even begun to fully comprehend it.

I couldn't for the life of me wake up this morning. I am exhausted for no tangible reason. If it wasn't for my job, I would have slept until PM hours, easily. I spent today with a headache that rattled through my jaw and made both my ears so sore. My insides feel frenetic; my chest is tight, my breath shallow. This feels exactly like anxiety although it isn’t. Unlike anxiety, this will go away once the energetic dust settles. 

Nothing tastes the way it usually does, which means that I have not really had a coffee yet which, in and of itself, is dangerous ground. I’ve technically had 3 cups today, but that’s beside the point when I haven’t enjoyed the taste of a single one. Some might ask, “well then why have 3”
Well, if you must know…it's because I stubbornly tend to keep having another hoping that it’ll taste and feel familiar, but it doesn't and in all probability won’t, until tomorrow.

No matter how sane I try and portray myself to be, most people prefer to believe I’m batty so to be quite frank, I just don’t give a shit anymore.

I’m sensitive.
And Yes. 
I am just this sensitive.

This is what I experience every time something shifts of happens out there in the Universe. No matter how much research I’ve done, all I ever find is information on how these astrological shifts can benefit us if we utilize the energy effectively.Well let me tell you something you smarty-pants astrology bloggers!... I can’t even utilize a broom effectively on days like this!  

So, with that said, today’s rant is brought to you today by 3 cups of crappy coffee and a solar eclipse (and probably some freaking planet STILL in bloody retrograde.

The Bitchy & Exhausted Sentient